henry acteson

Henry Acteson is a photographer, videographer, and designer currently based in Calgary, Canada. He is an avid film photographer and lover of all things analog. He recently founded a publishing house with friend and fellow photographer Cal called AMGoods. Henry hopes to branch into more serious motion picture work on 8mm and 16mm in the future.


How did the idea for the series come about?


It was Emma’s idea, she had a dream about it, and we were brainstorming indoor shoots for the winter season. My bathroom’s retro finish made the perfect backdrop.


How did your shoot with Emma go?


It was a ton of fun! I think we used about 4-6L of 4% milk and dove in (pun intended). Setup 2 old IKEA lights I’ve been using as studio light stand-in’s with some Home Depot LED bulbs, worked like a charm. Also milk baths are amazing on the skin!


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


Definitely, I think it is all about perspective, presentation and focus. It’s important to work with a new perspective in shooting the female body and trying to steer away from the oversaturated and boring, highly sexualized male gaze. To present the body in new and unique forms, working with shape, contrast, composition, and colour; rather than content. And shift the focus away from the body as an object and subject in a photograph and into an element of the photos composition as a whole. Human form is undeniable in its complexity, imperfection, and beauty, that is what I want to show.


What inspires you?


Tons of stuff! Movies and other photographers in a huge way, the world around me, loneliness and happiness. Love smoking a joint and going for a walk around sunset with a camera.


How would you define beauty?


I think beauty is honesty within a moment.


Film or digital?


Definitely film, digital just doesn’t engage me the same way.


What makes you happy?


Good places with good friends.


What’s next for you?


I’m moving to Denmark with Emma next month for a stint and hope to spend a great deal of time writing and shooting. Honing and practicing my own style.

photography: henry acteson

model: emma mutch