Only This Moment

jay aparecida rodriguez

Jay Paulo Aparecida Rodriguez was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was raised in France and discovered fashion and photography when he was a teenager. Jay is influenced by the works of Juergen Teller, Harley Weir, Henrik Purienne and Araki among many others.


How did the idea for the series come about?


Klaudia is this kind of a ‘new face’ model I usually like to meet. She’s Polish and new in Berlin. Her place sounded like the best place for this set, as there were already all the ingredients in it for an intimate photoshoot. She was super comfortable with nudity, so we went this direction.


How did your shoot with Klaudia go?


It went great, I shot a lot of polaroids too. I think it helps the model to directly see the pictures, this way she feels better by seeing if we are taking good pictures. Obviously with my analog cameras she can’t see anything for hours or days. So I guess it was slow too, I have to stop and change my films often. But I like it this way, to take my time between every picture.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


Of course, there are many ways to show the female body within the photography, more powerful ways too I guess. Fashion photography is one of them from my point of view. Models can really express themselves. I personally love seeing women with no clothes on. All those curves, that’s so beautiful.


What inspires you?


I grew up surrounded by paintings, music and movies, so I could say all of them are my initial sources of inspirations. I guess recently photography inspires me too. I like to think that all the simple things of everyday life (good or bad) are also an inspiration. I’m also a writer so I’m used to spend a lot of time looking at people’s faces and sometimes listening to what they say, how they react to things around them, that also inspires me in many ways. In the end I think I’m just a story teller, and photography is one of my ways to express that.


How would you define beauty?


I started to take pictures like memories, probably to remind me of their beauty. Photography is interesting in that way because it will always impact people in different ways and it also draws from that person’s own memories and emotions. Thats the beauty of things. It’s all about memories.


Film or Digital?


Definitely film. Medium format is the best! Digital is so easy. There is too much of it everywhere. And it’s kinda all the same.


What makes you happy?


Seeing the face of my girlfriend with a smile on it. Listening to some music at home and also all those kind of moments in the countryside with nobody around me.


What’s next for you?


I’m currently in Berlin, I’ll be back in Paris in the beginning of 2017 for the Fashion Week. I have some commercial jobs to do over there during January. Also I’m gonna focus on a movie project I wrote many years ago.

photography: jay aparecida rodriguez

model: klaudia