Owning Who I

liliana pham

Liliana Pham is a Vietnamese photographer based in the Czech Republic. She studied fashion design and started out as a model when she was 14. In the summer 2015 being a model for other photographers ceased to fulfill her and she escaped to taking self-portraits. Nowadays she loves and uses 6×6 medium format camera to capture her own melancholy and to discover her own worth as a human being.


How did the idea for this b&w series come about and how would you describe your style?


Four months ago I just started to feel the inner need to express myself through photography. There is no idea, I just grabbed the camera and started to do things how I feel them. The most important thing for me is the calmness and purity in each photograph. Black is exactly my cup of tea. People are saying that my photographs are melancholic, a paint look-alike, specific …


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


Of course we can. The question is, is it necessary?


What inspires you?


My own and other’s feelings.


How would you define beauty?


Beauty is self-awareness. There is nothing else more important.


Film or digital?


Digital is too boring, too easy and so unreal. There is no chance to experience strong emotions such as surprise, happiness or disappointment. In comparison with film, this way of technology definitely offers you all these kind of feelings. Each roll of film I develop gives me this excitement.


What makes you happy?


Living my beautiful and interesting life.