Pacific Wind

flavia daniele

Flavia Daniele is a 20-year-old Photography student based in a small town in the countryside close to Rome. Besides photography she sometimes plays Celtic harp and loves to create jewels with recycled stuff.


How has being a photographer shaped your life?


I started to do photography when I was 16 or 17 when my parents gave me a small camera to travel with. Initially my intention was to catch nice moments during my travels. Then I decided to go further with the street and reportage photography but pretty recently I realised that my aspiration is to become a fashion photographer. As of right now my mother has pushed me to follow this dream and my father is supportive as well. Since I decided to carry on with this dream my life has become super busy and I keep thinking about my next chance to shoot all the time! And this means that I spend all my free time trying to organise shoots. During the day I study and work as a waitress to pay for the film rolls and development processes. Being a fashion photographer is a dream but every dream needs a sacrifice and in this case the sacrifice is my social life.


Where do you usually find inspiration?


Usually I find inspiration in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Metal Magazine, etc. And one of my favourite photographers is Jesse Herzog. For this series I got inspiration from Steph Wilson’s photos. I really love her tones and the way she manages fashion.


How important is feminine beauty in your work?


In my shoots the concept of ‘beauty’ is relative: I prefer to shoot with a girl that has a lot of expression and experience with posing instead of working with someone who is beautiful but always does the same thing. I always look for girls who have particular characteristic or ‘defects’. This is the reason why I loved working with Kate: she is beautiful, interesting and unique.


Do you think we can solve some of the social stereotypes by showcasing more women in art?


Unfortunately I don’t think the problem of stereotypes can be solved because it is a part of our worldwide’s culture. But I think we can beat the sexism and the objectification of the woman’s body. The objectification is the real problem of the modern times: often a lot of male photographers think that the female body is just an object to use and not a source of inspiration and art. I really think that more education about art and respect for women could be the two good ways to change this irritating situation.


What makes you happy?


The thing that makes me feel happier and beloved is imagining my future with my boyfriend. I’d really love to know what we will become in ten years. My biggest dream is to go and live in New York, open my studio there and have a big apartment full of cats and dogs.

photography: flavia daniele

model: kate gecevica

mua: elisa colarossi