ed little

Can you introduce yourself?


London based, although I do yearn for a different city or maybe somewhere sunny. Self taught, although my Aunt is a photographer and taught me how to develop my own photographs. Durham educated, although I spent a year studying in Amsterdam. Gender studies major, although I also specialised in politics. Hip-hop fan, but like all genres (except rock). Big thinker but love the detail. Curious soul and an explorer.


How would you define beauty?


I wouldn’t – I think one of the magical things about ‘beauty’ is that it is yours.  It’s indefinable. My ‘beauty’ differs from your beauty and yours from mine.


What do you love about photography?


The interaction – I love meeting and interacting with people and getting to explore ideas, concepts, looks, emotions etc. But I suppose that only really speaks to the kind of photography I love – which is essentially portraiture.


What inspires you?


People – I love street casting new models at parties or seeing something exciting or distant in someone and then exploring that and trying to capture it on film.


Film or digital?


Film 100% – if I had the money, I would only shoot on film. It has trueness that I love.


What makes you happy?


Exciting, new projects.


What’s next for you?


‘Keep of the lawn’ – I’m shooting this funky underwear brand – very up my street and I think it’ll be awesome.

photography: ed little

model: petra bartha

mua: sophie reeve