jodi melody

Jodi Melody is a 21-year-old fashion, portrait and candid photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand. Her photographs are often soaked in pops of colour and feature that irresistible haze you only find in analogue photographs.


How did the idea for the series come about?


There was a stage when pink wasn’t a go to shade, the Paris Hilton era of pink had us all dripping in all things tacky. Now pink has spun a 360 and there’s boys in pink, girls in pink and it doesn’t hold the same gender role stereotype that it used to. The shoot was a way to promote femininity through colour in a way that was both empowering but soft.


How did your shoot with Islay go?


Islay was interesting, she has this cuteness and beauty that she exudes but when she speaks and poses she projects this edgy and rough side that surprises you, in a way it was perfect for her part – Powerful in Pink. Islay had originally worked with other local photographers and approached me for shoot, overall she was very versatile and a pleasure to work with.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


There’s this current trend of the naked form which, don’t get me wrong is beautiful but on the other hand has given the impression that those who identify as female can only feel womanly in minimal attire.


What inspires you?


I believe in stories and fictional characters, I make up stories for my shoots and use models not as themselves but as these elusive characters. I get inspired by clothes, the colours and the way they can be complimented with my city that is just so photogenic. To me it’s about the combination of people and place and how they intwine with each other.


How would you define beauty?


Beauty is completely subjective, it’s unique to your own values as a person. It’s found in mysterious places and has no rule of stereotype. Beauty can be constructed but the ultimate beauty is the organic. Beauty is this mode of communication, you project what you feel is beautiful.


Film or digital?


Film for sure. It’s addictive and has that surprise element that you don’t know what you’re getting. As a perfectionist it’s a challenge to know you only have a certain number of moments to get it right. The way film captures light seems to be the most similar to what I see with my eyes.


What makes you happy?


Chocolate, I can say I’m addicted to film but I’m really addicted to chocolate.


What’s next for you?


I’m currently at university studying Graphic Design, which often ties in with my photography experience. I aspire to become an Art Director as a career choice but in the mean time I will continue to improve my practise and work on expressive photo shoots.

photography: jodi melody

model: islay payne

stylist: hannah jensen