Placid Waters

Jamie Oosterhuis is a Canadian artist who has a passion for empowering humans through her photography. Although she has been shooting for over 5 years, she has recently developed a skill-set for focusing on the human body in all of its shapes and forms. Jamie is hoping to expand her photography once moving to a bigger city, and is always open to new shoots with anyone who is interested.

How did the idea for the series come about?

Maya and I have shot together in the past and the photos have always turned out very airy and contrastingly salient at the same time. I like to look at our photos and fall deep into them – deep into the colours, deep into the lines, deep into the textures.

Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?

I believe the female body can be empowering without receiving backlash of being sexualized. I would love to be living in a world where people can look at nude photoshoots and realize it is an art form, not a way to depict females sexually.

What inspires you?

The world inspires me. Other artists inspire me, being outside inspires me, my friends inspire me, National Geographic inspires me. Inspiration can come from anywhere and although I never know when it will come, it always does.

How would you define beauty?

Beauty is loving yourself, beauty is realizing your potential, beauty is finding yourself, beauty is grounding yourself. To find home in your physical body and mind is beauty.

Film or digital?

Definitely both! Film is great for capturing people’s emotions and the human body. It is also very good for capturing textures and contrasts.

What makes you happy?

Photography makes me happy, creating physical art that I can hold in my hands and feel the different materials makes me happy, and hiking makes me happy. Lavender London Fogs and anything with caffeine makes me very happy.

What’s next for you?

The big move to the big city is coming up at the end of summer! This way I will have more locations and people to photograph. If you are in Vancouver, give me a shout!