Lotus is a photographer based in Guangzhou, China. Her interest for beauty aesthetic got Lotus into photography which became her passion. Her aim is to show her understanding of beauty through her aesthetic which is a mix of both soft dreamy style and cool fashion.


How did the idea for the series come about?


The two models in the photos are big fans of vintage style, they usually wear cool clothes. And when they are free, they go to the flower markets to see interesting plants. I thought it’d be a great idea to show the cute/daily side of two girls who are interested in vintage. So I decided to make some pictures about it.


How did your shoot with the girls go?


It was super fun, we went to the plant market together, also there are so many plants there, very cool shops with different plants. However, most of the shop keepers didn’t allow us to shoot in their shops at first, we literally had to beg them. It was a bit tough and it didn’t go as well as we expected but luckily we got some nice pictures.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


Yes I think there is a way to photograph the female body in a more powerful way. I notice that male photographers shoot female body in a more strong way, and the models show their power, strength there. They are not sweet, soft or gentle in their pictures. Yet they still surprise us and show a different understanding about beauty. I think there are many kinds of beauty, dark beauty, soft dreamy beauty, natural beauty of women, powerful ones also. We can always keep trying and show our own understanding of beauty.


What inspires you?


I usually watch others work in my daily life. Other people’s works always inspire me. Sometimes it is a painting, sometimes a handmade little thing, sometimes a movie, sometimes literary words. I think art is similar in a way, for example, literature uses words to provide you a visual of that moment, photos capture a moment to show a picture. Sometimes when I read a novel, or some essay, a picture just pops up in my mind and I want to present it in another way.


Film or digital?


I shoot digital although I find film so classic and slowly falling in love with it. The colour is super awesome and creates a good mood. I want to shoot on film in the near future.


What makes you happy?


In life a multitude of things, maybe a delicious meal, a meet up with friends, maybe a good behaviour at school, maybe enjoying a great movie, or a pleasant travel. In terms of photography, knowing interesting people from shoots is the happiest thing for me. And of course getting good photos.


What’s next for you?


I would like to try new styles of shooting and focus more on the mood in the photos. I will keep on trying as I’m never satisfied. Actually I am a little bit tired of shooting female models, I want to shoot normal girls more and men too.

photography: lotus

models: sofia & varijkaa

mua/hair: duanqing & xujie

wardrobe: moonlightdreamer