Poolside in

alexander tull

Alexander Tull is an acclaimed photographer and cinematographer. He grew up in Western Australia, and has made the big jump to Sydney to pursue the creative industry there.


What inspired this series? And how did you choose to shoot on film?


I always shoot film. It’s more fun! This series was inspired by lazy Australian summers by the pool.


In the last interview you stated that you like to work with people that are creatives themselves, how did it help in this shoot?


Working with other creative people makes shooting more natural and interesting. In this shoot, Camilla was a natural.


How being a photographer has shaped your look at everyday things in life?


Slowing down to observe the world around you that ordinary people often miss. I think it’s a benefit, it’s a lot better for your well-being than sitting behind a desk 9-5.


You said that short films are something that were coming for you in the future, how’s that been going?


I have been doing a variety of short super 8 film vignettes which has been a different medium to explore. For example I did one for this series.


Lastly what’s next for you in the upcoming year? Any projects, trips planned?


A European summer road trip.

photography: alexander tull

model: camilla bagrowski