eva selesin

Eva Selesin is a film photographer based in Brussels, Belgium. She explores the self, the human body and different ways how to express desire, vulnerability and femininity through self-portraiture or by capturing interesting models and her friends.


How did the idea for the series come about?


American model and photographer Miss Bliss contacted me before coming to Brussels to check if I’d be interested to shoot with her and to model for her. I seized the opportunity of course, also because it was going to be my very first ‘double-shooting’ between women. I knew we would have a very beautiful Brussels flat to shoot in, with a lot of natural light, and I decided to capture her in a very natural way, mainly on black and white film, to highlight her beauty without any artifice. I wanted to create a strong contrast between the classical decor and her amazing tattooed skin, and I decided to reinforce this contrast with clothes I chose for her. In front of the camera, I just let Miss Bliss to be herself and let her show me her femininity as she wanted to. When I saw the result, after I developed my films, I chose to call the series Porcelain, as a reference to this bourgeois atmosphere and as a tribute to her skin.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


I’m convinced that there are so many ways to photograph the female body in a powerful way, depending on artists and interactions between models and photographers. What I try to do, through both my self-portraits and pictures I take with models, is to show beauty, erotism, desire in my own way, as a result of my own experience as a person and a woman. I really appreciate the work of a lot of male artists too and their look at the female body, that’s also why I love to model myself. But besides that, I’ve also got the need to express something else personally. So I guess by portraying the female body through my both perspectives and using that experience, that is already a powerful way to depict the female body.


What inspires you and how would you define beauty?


I’m inspired by my own life, by what I feel, by the women I shoot. When I work with a model I’m first inspired by who she is and by what she represents for me. It’s really difficult to define beauty, I could say beauty is something that gives you a positive emotion of any kind. And an emotion also comes from something which is real – that’s why the realism in photography is something rare and beautiful.


Film or digital?


Only film at this moment.


What makes you happy and what’s next for you?


I’m happy when I have the possibility to experiment, when I’m involved in different kinds of projects and when I meet new people. In terms of photography, I’m happy when I’m able to create something beautiful, interesting or difficult. I have no idea of what is next for me, I just hope I will continue to evolve, to take pictures and to collaborate with other artists.

photography: eva selesin

model: miss bliss