Clàudia Grosche is an observer and a dreamer.

Can you tell us something about yourself?

Born in 1996 in Barcelona, I was raised there and then moved to a little village in the south of Catalonia when I was a teen. When I finished high school I packed my bags and went to London for a year to study a Foundation degree in photography at the University of the Arts. Back to sunny Barcelona, I’m studying BA Media and Cultural Industry. I’d like to move somewhere else when I’m done with that. Curious soul, I’ve always been an observer and a bit of a dreamer too. Photography has always been my medium to express how I feel about my surroundings.

How would you define beauty?

It’s so subjective … that’s why it is so hard to put it in words. For me it’s not only a physical thing … it’s a moment, a gesture, a way in which a mind thinks. It’s everywhere really.

What do you love about photography?

How it captures moments and freeze them forever.

Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?

I love the power that exists in a woman as a human being. Intimacy, handling of emotions, growing up, relationships, sexuality, the passage of time in a body that changes. Identity … and to be alive after all. As a woman and a photographer, I like to capture life. And a body is a beautiful medium to represent it. Sometimes I have this feeling that the ‘power‘ and ‘female body‘ concepts are related directly to equality.

What inspires you?

Light. And nature. Anything can be inspiring if you look around wanting to notice something different, something beautiful. People inspire me as well. From other artists to my loved ones.

Film or digital?

Personally I feel more comfortable with film rather than digital, although I also shoot digital and I use my phone a lot. Lately my work has been mainly film. I think film has a power; it is more real in the way the light is captured and I love the fact of not seeing what I’ve shoot right away. The process behind it makes it more exciting too. Even when rolls come out wrong and I get upset with the world and myself I still love it as it makes me learn and work harder next time. Film is expensive though, at least here in Barcelona and sometimes if I have something specific I shoot digital. I’ve always said that I’m married to digital, but film is going to be my eternal lover!

What makes you happy?

Music, a house full of books, traveling, slow mornings …

What’s next for you?

Finish my degree at university, keep learning as much as I can and explore more about myself. Right now I feel that energy to be doing something and when this happens I know I have to keep my cameras close. I also have a project in mind but I don’t want to force anything. I’ve lots of ups and downs in terms of creating work. Inspiration comes and goes, but sooner or later it comes out, right?