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javier castillo

Javier Castillo is a 21-year-old photography student from Guadalajara Jalisco, México. He’s been shooting for about three years now and he loves analog cameras. Javier is also a musician who plays the guitar and has a workshop where he’s fixing them too.


What’s the idea behind this series? How did the shoot go?


I was talking with Mayra about the mood for the set. The idea was to recreate a day in the life of a girl, at the end it finished as a game haha! It was a nice day.


What usually inspires you?


Lots of photos, lights, music, colors, clothes.


And what inspired you to become a photographer? Film or digital?


Well, my mom says that when I was younger I liked to take photos with our old camera. I love the idea of being able to preserve and freeze moments of life, the beauty in people and nature. Film 90%.


How has photography shaped your daily life?


You see life differently. It is like always searching for a new perspective and details of individuals, and things.


What’s next for you?


Now, I’m still studying photography and want to focus on that; I want to be more creative in my projects and share more of my work with other pages, magazines and social networks.

photography: javier castillo

model: mayra