Sophie Seymour is a 19 year-old Topanga Canyon native, music and art fanatic, and college student in Los Angeles, California. Her work is shot exclusively on film and never edited. Her greatest inspiration comes from bygone eras and her beautiful friends that are the stars of her images.

How did your shoot with Rebecca go?

The shoot with Rebecca was amazing. She is not only one of my main muses, but also one of my closest friends. She is such a genuinely radiant person, and I love getting the chance to try to capture her spirit in photos.

Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?

To me, the female body is simply something beautiful and therefore worth photographing. Photograph it however you want, it will always be powerful. The female body itself holds all the power, photography is just a way to capture that power.

What inspires you?


How would you define beauty?

Beauty is the part of everything and everyone that is genuine. A flower blooming, despite its fragility and fleeting life. A woman being comfortable with and happy for her own existence; needing no outside approval, unafraid to be herself. That is true beauty.

Film or digital?

Film hands down. I only shoot film.

What makes you happy?

See ‘What inspires you?‘ question.

What’s next for you?

Creating more, finding more girls to collaborate with, and continuing with school. Learning as much as I can, experiencing as much as I can, and meeting more people to share adventures with.