Red Hot Chili Pants

Alessandra Pace and Fausto Serafini are a husband and wife team of photographers from Italy. We’re so excited to feature their dope set shot exclusively for herbeautymag!

Can you tell us something about yourselves and your relationship?

We are that kind of lovers that live in symbiosis, we fell in love about 10 years ago, and since then we’ve always worked together. Before, we ran an electro-punk discopub and now we are focusing only on photography. We started taking photos 4 years ago, as a hobby, but now photography is something that we can’t live without! Our most recent project is a diary about our intimate life, that is intended to last till death do us apart! We also love shooting girls, friends and whatever is cool according to us!

How would you two define beauty?

We are not interested in objective beauty. We are interested in something peculiar that makes a person interesting and unique. This could depend on attitude, on personal charm, on a simple gesture or even on a flaw, everything that allures us irreversibly!

What do you both love about photography?

We love that photography is a powerful means of knowing others and ourselves. We love that we can meet different kind of people from all over the world, know their stories and establish a deep connection, a kind of empathy that allows us to portray every subject for what he really is according to our personal point of view.

How do you think we can photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?

Portraying the female body as it really is, without hiding imperfections, scars or bruises. Reality is what is really powerful and impressive.

What inspires you both?

Our own past, our own musical and cinematographic background.

Film or digital?

Film! Obviously!

What makes you happy?

What makes us happy is taking photographs, listening to good music, watching interesting movies, and making a lot of sex, not necessarily in this order!

How is it working with your significant other?

Working together is really exciting. Every time we are close to each other cause we are so complementary to each other. We love the same things with a slightly different own vision and we truly appreciate and support the other’s work and taste. It’s a great thing to be a close, harmonious team, both in everyday life and photography.

Whats next for you two?

We don’t know what’s next, for sure we go on with shooting girls and we go on with our main project “Ho Te“ ( I have you ) that is our photographic diary about our everyday and intimate couple life. Last February we published the book n. 1 sponsored by Impossible Store Maranello and hope that it is the first of a long series cause “Ho Te“ is intended to last till death do us apart.