In My Room I’m

andree martis

Andree is a Portuguese photographer born in Lisbon, but moving from a city to a city since her childhood. For the last three years she’s been based in London. Andree graduated with a degree in Fine Art Photography and she’s been exploring many sides of photography, namely her personal projects and fashion editorials. One of her favourite things to do is walking around and discovering new inspiring and exciting places.


What’s the idea behind this project?


Me and Mariana Muñoz decided to portrait young creatives from London in their bedrooms and capture them in their vulnerable moments. With this we wanted to emphasise that emotions are not defined by gender, there should be no differentiation between men and women. Making a selection of models by their gender does not align with our beliefs so we casted people who we find intriguing, who have a great personality, confident looks and something to tell, impartial to their gender or their sexual preferences.


How do you think series like this, showcasing pretty feminine men, fits in herbeautymag (mostly showcasing just women)? How does this fits in society in general?


Some of our models were very keen on being embellished with make up and with a styling seen as feminine, this is a mirror of their personality or a way of expression in a specific moment in their life. This should fit in a daily life without any criticism, this is something that has been a taboo for many years so I think that is the time to break taboos.


A little bit about you: how did you start with photography? Where do you find inspiration?


I started doing photography in my childhood using a manual film camera. I tried drawing, painting but I came back to photography which I felt more confident doing. I get inspired by streets, new places, people, houses, conversations, just walking around. I observe everything that surrounds me and could be a great inspiration for the upcoming projects.


What are your plans for the future?


My plan is to keep doing what I love to do. I prefer to keep this as a secret and announce it when it gets closer to the release date.

photography: andree martis

styling: mariana muñoz

models: yan, che, patrick, bluebell, chandler, erika, olivier