Elena Breuer is a 24-year-old daydreamer based in Berlin. She started taking pictures when she was ten with her first camera she got from her parents. Elena currently studies photography in Berlin and she specialises in fashion photography, because she loves the mix of the two as they are both her favourite hobbies. Elena loves to work with young artists and friends and to share her experiences and passion with them.

How did the shoot with Sandra go?

Sandra is a beautiful and strong woman. She is also a photographer who has her own view on the world through a camera lens. This allowed us to have a true co-operation which later enabled us to capture the moments which we had in our minds. Besides, the photoshoot took place by the sea what made our work a very beautiful and easy going thing.

What do you hope to achieve through your photography?

Memories! Memories of special moments in our life!

Your favourite spots in Berlin?

I really like the little nature we have in Berlin. For instance, Neukölln riverside and the big Templehofer Feld. There you can find a lot of nice spots to take pictures at.

Your dream model/location to photograph?

Fashion photography gives you the possibility to work all over the world, thus meeting new people and discover new cultures. So, this what my big aim/dream is.

What are you most excited about 2018?

Next year I will finish my photography studies, which actually feels kind of crazy to me! I have big projects coming up in 2018, one of them is to start my own agency with other super talented friends of mine. I am excited and cannot wait for it!