andrea artigue

Andrea Artigue is a film photographer based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently studying to get her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography at UNLV, Andrea works primarily in fine art portrait photography.


How did the idea for the series come about?


I have always been interested in portraiture, particularly self portraits. There is something thrilling and wonderful about attaching the camera on a tripod, using a house plant or a bouquet of flowers to focus, pressing the self-timer, and running into position to replace that bouquet and exposing for no one but yourself. The most recent series that I have done stemmed from the notion of just really trying to discover who I am as a human. As a woman, an artist, a lover. I love multiple exposures on film because the mystery of how the negative will turn out is intensified and that is so exhilarating! They give off an ethereal, ghost-like feel that I just absolutely adore.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


Yes. I am interested in photographing women in all of their natural beauty. Perhaps by taking those traits that each woman may not accept about their physical being and photograph all of them in a beautiful manner so perhaps they start to appreciate and relish in their flaws. I want to help women begin to fully love themselves and understand just how beautiful they are. I seek to see the good in everyone and everything. Our world can be overwhelming and harsh; I want to focus on the soft things, the tender parts.


What inspires you?


My inspiration is my everyday life and the little things that I think people are missing. The details that I always see and feel that everyone else just pushes aside. I like the way the curve of my spine and the way my collarbones look in the mirror. I like how the day looks and feels so new in the morning, with the soft light bouncing through the windows. I like how people look at me, and I like it when they smile. I see these tiny parts of my life as a photograph; I want to keep them forever. It makes me want to go places, explore and seek the never-ending allure this world has to offer, all with a camera in my hand.

How would you define beauty?


The qualities present in a person or a thing that gives intense satisfaction and pleasure to the mind. For me, that is a genuine smile, a ballet dancer practicing her/his routine at dress rehearsal, knowing and accepting someone so much that you truly have faith that you will be with that person until the day you die. That is beauty.


Film or digital?


Film. I started taking photographs on a film SLR when I was eighteen and completely fell head over heels in love, that sounds so silly but it is completely true. From the quality of the image, to the colours, to the graininess, to the honesty each image held of how I remember that moment. Film feels so real. My lover and I often joke about how we are such romantics about most everything in life. Film is a complete romantic way of photographing in my head, and I will always shoot film. The night we met we both had our film cameras on us, in fact he has contact sheets of that night. Haha see what I mean, super dorks! Just yesterday we obtained our very first Hasselblad and were completely freaking out! I also just received my very first professional digital camera, I know it will be beneficial to my career in photography, haha actually it’s absolutely necessary, and I am excited to get to know it as I am with every new camera I get, there is just not the same elation in my heart about using digital.


What makes you happy?


Travelling, my family, honest friendships, George, pizza, our cat Belushi, taking photographs.


What’s next for you?


Graduate with a BFA in photography. After that I will continue to photograph as my career, not sure in which direction quite yet. Passions are meant to be followed and hard work must pay off. With the feelings I have for what I do, something amazing ought to happen!

photography: andrea artigue