Soft Girl

martina parolo

Martina Parolo is a 22-year-old photography student based in Italy. She inherited the passion for photography from her father and especially the love for the film photography, the technique she usually uses for her personal projects. Martina is very passionate about female forms and that’s what she’d like explore with her art.


How did the idea for the series come about?


The idea for the series came because of my constant research of beauty. I chose two wonderful girls who gave me the sensation of inner beauty expressed in a private and unique way.


How did your shoot with the girls go?


The shooting was great, F and B are really amazing and very natural, we are people who get along with each other well and who share things so the atmosphere was very intimate.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


I think that everyone’s perception of the female body has something to tell, it only takes time and passion to understand what the photos are saying. We can surely capture the female body in a million different ways and never fail.


What inspires you?


Beauty, vintage atmosphere and random daily situations.


How would you define beauty?


For me beauty is first of all an emotion, something that gives me thrills and goosebumps. It’s purity and simplicity.


Film or digital?


Mostly film, especially for my personal projects. It helps me to focus on what I’m saying. Now, since my film cameras are out of order, I’m using digital trying to capture those details that give me vintage feelings without the need of retouching them.


What makes you happy?


Love, film photography, rock music, old movies and my cat.


What’s next for you?


I’ll graduate in February and then hope to continue my photography studies. And obviously always capturing beauty!

photography: martina parolo

models: biancamaria saglio & fiammetta saglio

mua & hair: giorgia donalisio

assistant: mattia terribile