samoels oviedo

Samoels Oviedo is an indie filmmaker and photographer from Caracas, Venezuela, now based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He always says that ‘movement generates movement, so let’s move together.’


How did the idea for the series come about?


Shooting in a laundromat was something I always had in mind. They always struck me visually, they look attractive to me and I don’t know, I think they reflect this ‘super classic vibe.’ And by coincidence, among several ideas that the model had, one of those was a laundromat too.


How do you approach these intimate shoots?


What I usually do is to show the model several references of the style and mood of the shoot I want to do. With this in mind, the work is much more fluid on a day of the shoot. I’m always inclined to make the model look as natural as possible and let her be free to do whatever she wants.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


There is nothing more powerful than knowing yourself. So the most powerful way to photograph the female body is for the model to be herself, that she feels comfortable with her body and that she can convey that confidence with her attitude. That’s basically it. Oh! And to trust your vision as a photographer as well.


What inspires you?


One of the things that inspires me a lot, beside some music or movies, is the passion of other people for loving whatever they do. That passion is so contagious to me that it keeps me on track.


How would you define beauty?


Beauty is subjective. Something can be beautiful for some people but for others it’s not, and vice versa. So I think that beauty is an attitude. It’s the way how you see things in life. It’s about feeling good with yourself. Beauty is confidence and not giving a shit about anything. That’s true beauty to me and you can tell it from a mile away.


Film or digital?


That’s a tough one! I like to think in analog but I execute in digital. I love the texture and vibe of film and my pics have some of that on it.


What makes you happy?


Spending my time being productive and creative. It makes me happy to be constantly experiencing new things and searching for something more. If I stop being creative, I feel like something is broken inside.


What’s next for you?


I don’t know exactly what’s next for me. But it’s keeping on doing what I love for sure. That’s all I ask for.

photography: samoels oviedo

model: irune porcel