Summer Girls

Elena Breuer is a 24-year-old daydreamer based in Berlin. She started taking pictures when she was ten with her first camera she got from her parents. Elena currently studies photography in Berlin and she specialises in fashion photography, because she loves the mix of the two as they are both her favourite hobbies. Elena loves to work with young artists and friends and to share her experiences and passion with them.

How was your summer & how did the trip with your best friends go?

I mean summer in Berlin is like a lucky bag, super good or super bad. This is why I decided to travel to France with my best friends and do a little road trip to the ocean. Loud music blasting and the car full of camping stuff we started our journey. We’ve had the cosiest camping place with the best view to the starry sky every night. I love the feeling of being so close to the sea and the nature. We had the best time with a lot of fun and adventures!

What is your best advice to those thinking about starting doing photography in 2017?

My secret would be to try and be yourself in everything you do! Especially with photography – that’s how you make sure your work stays authentic and leaves the right impact on your clients. And if I happen to have any bad experiences it’s important to remember to learn from these situations.

Your ideal morning?

I really am an early bird person, so it’s easy for me to start the morning with a lot of energy and an extra hot coffee for sure. Let the sun shine on my face.

Big city life vs. nature & wilderness?

I’ve decided to live in a big city because I love to have all the places to go and all these people to meet. For my work as a photographer it’s just great. I grew up in a small village with a lot of nature around though. I miss it a lot. To feel the fresh air in your hair … and the quietness sometimes. This is why I try to travel to places where I get this feeling again.

What are your plans and what’s next for you?

Next year I will have finished my photography studies, so I’m planning on travelling around to do more international photo jobs.