sven björksson

Sven Björksson is a 27-year-old photographer born in Budapest, Hungary but currently based out of Montreal, Canada. He works as a lighting technician and camera operator. He also writes and directs his personal film projects. Daniel thinks that photography is more personal art form since it doesn’t require a big team and you can have full creative control over the images.


It seems that you’ve developed kind of unique style, especially in colours. How did you do that?


The way I approach photography is the same way I would approach a film scene. I am very sensitive emotionally to colour and mood, so for me colour pallets are incredibly important to create a specific mood with the subjects. Before shooting I always think about the main colours I would like to have within the images. The type of lighting I might need to have in order to achieve the mood. So it is something that I am aware of when I shoot. I definitely think about the colours.


What usually inspires you for shoots? And what was the inspiration for this one?


I always get inspired by different films and cinematographers. Most of the cinematographers that I love are also photographers like Christopher Doyle (In The Mood For Love, Chungking Express etc.) or Emmanuel Lubezki (Children of Men, The New World etc.). I always search for mood and atmosphere. For this specific series I was inspired by a movie called My Own Private Idaho which is directed by Gus Van Sant. I am a big fan of 90’s films and I always loved the colour palettes of this film and the way the characters dress. It’s very memorable. Most of the scenes are shot in the city, cafés, random streets, apartments. I wanted to do more of a ‘in the moment’ street shoot, less prepared and more improvised using all natural light.


What’s been your favourite shoot so far?


I think my favourite shoot was when I got to work with a close friend of mine. It was a very close artistic relationship. We are two very creative people, so it was really fun to work with a model that has the same mindset as you. Everything is at ease and natural.


How important is feminine beauty in our society? How does it affect your life?


I believe that feminine beauty comes in different shapes, sizes and colours and that all forms of beauty are important. I don’t define beauty specifically. It’s very subjective and I believe that everyone has beauty in them whether it’s female or male and we need to appreciate and love who we are as people no matter our differences.


What’s next for you?


My next project will be a photoshoot that will be mostly focused on the human body. I think that’s an area that I would like to explore more and experiment with.

photography: sven björksson

model: mariya