Swiss Girls Taste Like Meringue

Tereza Glazova is a 20-year-old Latvian artist with Russian roots living in Switzerland. She works as a freelance photographer and studies at the Zurich University of the Arts. Photography is her way to reflect and communicate. Lots of photographers nowadays find digital photography cold and overrated, they prefer analogue, as “It’s the only real photography“. Tereza doesn’t share this opinion. There are so many ways to visualise the moment in either techniques. She doesn’t want to limit her artistic expression by focusing on only one medium. She likes to work and experiment with both.

Where did you get the idea for Swiss Girls Taste Like Meringue?

It was midnight when we went down to the river. We shot spontaneously. I hate planning too much for a shoot. Planning takes away the whole lightness, kills the experimentation process of the shoot. I like to let things develop step by step on their own. My shoots are always very emotion-based. That’s what we worked on for this series. If Darius or Lia felt one way or another, I wouldn’t try to change or impact their emotions, I would embrace them. In this series, I combined the truthfulness of the models‘ expressions and illusion. I prioritised their authentic personalities. I asked them to stay themselves. Act natural, like no one is watching, push your creative boundaries, enjoy yourself.

What made this shoot so special?

A body contact of two people who didn’t know each other that well before. I believe that if a work of art is important for artists’s themselves, it will also be special for their audience.

How do you approach an intimate shoot like this?

I don’t really think I ever have a casual or an non-intimate shoot. It’s always personal. And it’s very important for me to build a relationship between the person I shoot with and myself. We have to be on the same “wave”. When I shoot portraits, I often compose body parts, like face, hair, arms, hands, etc. with background items as if I would paint. That’s why I prefer working with my friends or people who I know, because they best understand my vision and my work.

What inspired you to start taking photos?

I’ve always been fascinated by many different forms of art, especially by visual arts. I used to paint and draw a lot, but it took me time to understand that it has never been as fulfilling as taking photographs. Only life inspires me and photography is my way to express it.

What’s next for you?

I just started my photography studies at the Zurich University of the Arts a couple weeks ago. It has been a life-changing experience. I’ve also started cooperating with a couple of magazines. But mostly I am concentrating on my personal work and development right now.