Sydney Koepke: hbm muse

‘A triple threat‘, Sydney Koepke is a stylist, model and a film photographer based in Louisville, KY, she teamed up with a photographer Jacob Roberts to show that girls can be a tough guy too!

How did the shoot go?

The shoot with Jacob went great. It’s important to be able to mesh well with the photographer you’re working with.

What is your favourite aspect of modelling?

Modelling has given me the opportunity to meet such brilliant people. I learn something new from everyone I work with.

What do you hope to achieve through your modelling?

I don’t want to set a goal for my career. I want to keep all possibilities open, continue learning and growing everyday. Nothing but good things can come if I just keep in the fast lane.

What are your perceptions of beauty?

Beauty is about style and the way you carry yourself. People want to be around people that are comfortable in their own skin.

How would you like to see beauty defined as in the modelling industry?

Beauty in the modelling industry should be all about variation. Everyone has a different out look on what beauty is and those differences should be represented.

Do you channel anything in particular while photographed and or on the runway?

Whatever the feelings are in the moment I always try to channel those into the camera.

Do you find social media to be helpful to your modelling career or detrimental?

Social media has become too much of an important aspect. It’s like wait, should I post this? Who cares! People can take things very seriously, at the end of the day it’s just the Internet.

What is your best advice to those entering the industry?

Learn how to take respective criticism. It can only help you to grow. But don’t let people step on you.

What do you see the future of fashion/photography/modelling industry heading towards?

I like to think the industry has a chance. I’d like to see us push boundaries on all aspects of beauty. We need to take a huge step from skinny to healthy.

Do you think there’s a way for photographers/the industry to capture the female body in a more empowering way?

The female body is something so delicate yet dangerous, it would be hard not to capture it’s power.

How would you define feminism through your modelling?

Modelling and being a photographer has brought me to be around a lot of other girls. I’ve created fantastic relationships that I am grateful for. Girls should be able to stick together and really help each other out.

Do you think social media has degraded the term feminism or empowered it? Or both?

Social media has helped to spread feminism I believe, but a lot of people have lost the idea of what feminism is. It’s about equality of both man and woman. None should be more than the other. I myself see the future cutting all ties with gender roles, and people solely being judged on who they are as a human … Now that’s something I’m looking forward to!