kelsey rose

Kelsey Ann Rose is a portrait and lifestyle photographer living in Brooklyn, NY. Inspired by an open conversation between photographer and subject, her images result in honest and unique snapshots.


How did your shoot with Tess go?


I’ve shot with Tess once before this, so when I found my concept I knew she was the girl for the story. She’s still in high school and has a beautiful, teenage angsty vibe to her. Plus, she’s just fun to hang with!


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


I believe so. I haven’t shot men for a while now and continue to gravitate towards photographing women. Maybe because I find them more relatable, but I feel like each female body is so unique in it’s own way, I’m always inspired.


What inspires you?


Interesting people, creative conversations, bookstores, solitary walks.


How would you define beauty?




Film or digital?


Unlimited budget … ? Film all the way!


What makes you happy?


Being able to do what I love everyday and still be able to pay my rent!


What’s next for you?


Working as a freelance photographer, I’m constantly focusing on building up my book. This year, I want to focus on my commercial and lifestyle work and continue to gain new clients.

photography: kelsey rose

model: tess bittle

mua: marina cornellas