Tête à Tête

lian leng

Lian Leng a scientist at a Biotech firm who discovered a new passion for film photography about 4 years ago. It’s been an exciting journey for Lian as photography has quickly become both an escape and incredible creative tool for her. Lian is constantly in search of new ways of creating images that will inspire all kinds of emotions from the viewers, while giving space for the model’s own personality to shine through. Check Lian’s other feature on herbeautymag here.


How did the idea for the series with Vanessa come about?


I’ve been eager to go back to a simpler style of shooting for a while now, with minimal styling and makeup, and a more intimate session with just the model and I. Often, I find this more personal one on one approach allows me to build a more laid back and relaxed interaction with the model, which translates so well to film.


What is your best advice to those thinking about starting doing photography in 2017?


With the growing number of independent zines and social media, I think it’s really become much easier for young photographers to get exposure, although that also comes with the challenge of standing out in the crowd. I always tell people to stay humble and inspired. Never think that you’re the best at what you do and that you are done learning, because that’s really what will enable you to grow and keep pushing yourself.


Your ideal morning?


Slowly waking up to the sound of my cat purring as she jumps on my bed and sniffs me around to check if I’m awake or not.


Big city life vs. nature & wilderness?


I’m definitely a city person. I love people watching and it’s in a busy city that I get most of my inspiration. Nature and wilderness are a must for vacation destinations though.


What are your plans and what’s next for you?


I’ve been in Boston for two years now and am slowly losing my inspiration, the city is a bit too small and too close to NYC to have a strong fashion niche. I think I need a big change soon and am considering spending a few weekends in NYC to get to the next level with my photography.

photography: lian leng

model: vanessa