Virgin Moon

miguel morteo

Miguel Morteo is a 25-year-old photographer living in Mexico City. Previous to film photography, Miguel had been working in visual communication. Lately he’s been shooting a lot of fashion editorials for a living. Check our other Miguel’s feature here. ‘Virgin Moon is from Mexico. She’s the most beautiful girl in the forest, some people pray to her, some people love her but nobody can have her.


How did the shoot go and how do you approach these intimate shoots?


This shoot was with my friend Andrea in a beautiful forest in Southern Mexico. We walked and talked for almost two hours. We’ve got a very nice, intimate and good friendship – and I think that’s the most important thing for these kind of shoots.


What is your best advice to those thinking about starting doing photography in 2017?


Do not stop taking photos.


Your ideal morning?


Listening to music and having a huge breakfast.


Big city life vs. nature & wilderness?


I love both.


What are your plans and what’s next for you?


Make a magazine and go back to South America. Also never stop taking photos and doing what I love!

photography: miguel morteo

model: andrea luna