aldo carrera

Aldo Carrera is a photographer based out of Los Angeles interested in portraiture and fashion. His work consists of shooting in an impromptu nature to allow the viewer to be part of the process in an intimate way. In this series Vivien and Aldo play dress ups in a Koreatown apartment.


How did your shoot with Vivien go?


Shooting Vivien was a lot of fun! I really like the juxtaposition of something gritty and something soft and beautiful. It’s always so much more interesting when you show two opposing extremes. For me it’s all about feeling elegant and being comfortable.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


I think that as artists we should put out work that influences people positively and being conscious of this is important. But I think stylistically there’s no right way, for me it’s about capturing what is happening in front of me rather than trying to create/force something to happen.


What inspires you?


Current events, biographies/auto-biographies and documentaries. I love watching documentaries about other artists and how they did it. I think thats the most important part of art, the person rather than the art itself.


How would you define beauty?


Being yourself! Confidence, being humble and trustworthy.


What is it like to be a photographer in LA?


It’s been interesting, I don’t really know where I fit out here. So I just kind of made my own corner in Koreatown/Downtown. I like the energy that this city gives, it feels really young and inspires me to create something new. It’s been good for me.


Film or digital?


Both! I honestly feel that my medium is secondary and it’s more about getting a certain look or feel. But I prefer the process of film best. I develop all of my colour and b&w film at home. So I’m always eager to feel like a scientist for a couple of hours.


What makes you happy?


I try to surround myself with people who bring positive energy to my life so my girlfriend, my family, my cat, my close fiends, and the beautiful people I get to work with.


What’s next for you?


A Saint Laurent campaign and two Vogue covers … Just kidding. But definitely on my mind!

photography: aldo carrera

model: vivien james

stylist: jordan khloe

hair and make up: whitney olson