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miguel morteo

Miguel Morteo is a 23-year-old visual artist from Mexico City. He’s started doing photography around 6 years ago. He loves capturing short stories from his life, it’s like ‘his intimate diary of himself and his friends’. Right now he’s traveling in South America and this set features Ignacia, a girl from Chile who lives in Argentina.


How did your shoot with Ignacia go?


I felt like in a movie because the shoot was in her ex-boyfriend’s house. So we were afraid that he could come in at any moment. It was a funny experience; we smoked some joints and enjoyed the adrenaline.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


Of course we can. We have to show a different view on the female body, not like in a sexual way, because it doesn’t need to have a certain undertone.


What inspires you?


For now it’s cinema and light. And aside from photography, literature and music.


How would you define beauty?


Like something or somebody that can provoke a feeling. It doesn’t need to be physical, it’s something else. The interior is the real language of beauty.


Film or digital?


Film, forever and ever!


What makes you happy?


Living in the moment, just enjoy it. Also my friends, the sun and travelling.


What’s next for you?


Find out how far I can go with my photography, with my art and I want to keep on travelling around the world.

photography: miguel morteo

model: ignacia