Winter Time at
the Pool

juan solorzano

Colombian born, American and Canadian raised artist Juan Solorzano strives to capture human emotion through portraiture. Driven by the arts at a very young age, Juan discovered his love for fashion and cinema, which then led him to pick up his first camera to document everything and everyone that caught his attention. The focus of his works is to deliver a visual catharsis, with the elements of film, fashion, photography, and literature as a bridge to deliver a dialogue.


How did the idea for the series come about?


Colleen and I had the idea of shooting something less fashion, more minimal and fun. As a matter of fact we had been planing to shoot at this indoor pool for a while, this pool is located at an old recreation centre in uptown Toronto that was build in the early 70’s. A good anecdote from this day was the fact that during the day of the shoot, it was snowing outside and the temperature was below -30 degrees, thank God for indoor pools!


Can we photograph the female body in a more powerful way?


Absolutely, I think the female body is nothing but perfection. The beauty behind it is the way the body has been sculpted, I think when a woman is comfortable in her own skin there is a narrative that images can reflect. I think by focusing in that natural comfort when photographing it, it empowers the female body.


How would you define beauty?


I think beauty derives from self-love, but it is also defined by how confident one is in their own skin.


What inspires you and what makes you happy?


Fashion, art, cinema and literature inspire me, but what makes me the most happy is buying new film cameras and equipment, I have quite the collection.


Film or digital?


Both, film of course is the purest form of photography and it has a notion that digital does not have. On the other hand, shooting digital gives you more freedom to manipulate an image to your liking.


Lastly, what’s next for you?


Shooting more fashion, still life and lifestyle editorials. Moving from 35mm to medium format and of course becoming a full time Goldsmith.

photography: juan solorzano

model: colleen kenny